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Hello… again!

Almost ten years ago, I started a blog, as a excited, enthusiastic, somewhat unexperienced fifteen year old. Little known to most, it was my first foray into blogging under my own name, as opposed to writing under the guise of others.

What would follow would be an exciting time, with lots of work, much debate, and a bit of wondering if anyone would actually bother reading what I was saying, but sure enough, they did. A few people thought I was a bit crazy at first, particularly for starting a blog of my own at such a young age, but in hindsight, it was a great decision. I don’t regret it, even a bit, still to this day.

Fast forward, a little over 9 years later, and much has changed. I’m now twenty three years old, still living in the incredibly hot state of Arizona, but in a much bigger, much more engaging city. Life in the years that have followed that original blog have, unsurprisingly, taught me a great deal. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage III cancer, after a lengthy bout of illness, something which has undoubtedly changed me quite a bit.

That being said, much remains the same. My enthusiasm for technology and where it can still take us remains unwavering, my passion for communication and connecting with others has only grown as I’ve matured and found my own voice. Even more so in a world increasingly burdened by distractions, notifications and useless noise.

I’ve decided to start this blog again, in part as a way to get away from the noise of Twitter, which has seen explosive growth since the days I was just starting. Also though, as a bit of therapy for my own good, writing the old blog, and engaging in the conversation which so often followed some of my posts, was almost therapeutic in a way. It was incredibly interesting to hear from so many people, from so many different places, and to hear their opinions on the topics I wrote about. It’s something I have truly missed.

For those who’ve read my blogs before, welcome back, and thank you for sticking around! For those who’ve never heard of me before, welcome! I hope you’ll find something interesting. 🙂 (more…)

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Life Personal

The First Post (2008)

(Update: September 11, 2017 – I originally published this post at the age of 15, in June 2008 when I first launched this site. Quite a lot has changed since that time, much of which I’ll cover later. However, as I get back into the swing of blogging as it were, it’s really fascinating to look back at what 15 year old me was thinking. For that reason, I’ve restored this post, as a I reminder to myself where this all began.)

If you ask any blogger who currently blogs, The hardest thing to do when starting a blog isn’t finding a web host, getting a nice design or getting people to read it (Though all of those things are difficult.) Nope. The hardest part to it? The first post.

In this case, that happens to be what this post is. In case you’ve not read my blogs before, I’m Donald Kelly, A 16 (now 23 in 2017) year old British blogger, podcaster and graphic designer. I’ve started numerous blogs since 2005, most of which have since “passed away”, if you will.

I roam the web looking for new media sites and “Web 2.0” concepts (Like Twitter or, Both of which I’m a member of.) I’ve used computer since the very, very young age of two. (yes, two), back in the days of Windows 95. Today I’m a Mac user, and quite an avid Apple fan at that.

This site will basically be my online “home” for the foreseeable future. Thoughts, rants and all will be posted here for the world to see. I can’t gurantee a post every day or even every week. But I can promise there will be some intresting topics covered. If you want to know more about me, visit the Colophon page.

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